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Yubo App Partners With Hive In New Safety Feature

Yubo, a money-saving app for Millennials, has partnered with Hive in a new safety feature. For this, we will be adding features to its app to help users save and thus keep their personal information secure. Press releases from both companies describe the partnership as one that is “enhancing user security“.

This latest collaboration is similar to past projects between Yubo and other companies like Wayfair, who have helped to make the app more accessible by integrating with it. This partnership with Hive will help users access their favorite retailers through Yubo while also securing personal information they provide during checkout. The app also allows users to save money on their favorite product, as well as make travel and other reservations.

The Hive API is a secure technology that will be used by Yubo in order to store the personal information and communications that users provide. Additionally, this API will provide an important layer of security for user data from the apps, saving the user’s credit card number and payment information from malicious websites. For this latest partnership, the two companies have also released their first beta app that is currently available exclusively in Yubo’s App Store. Currently, Hive members can sign up and earn Yubo Bucks simply by scanning a code found on products they buy within the retail store. Once they have signed up for the Hive scheme, users will be able to connect their account with Yubo’s app and save money on paid products. Additionally, users will have access to user reviews on items they have purchased as well as coupons and other savings tips.

This collaboration is sure to make saving more efficient for users, as well as ensuring that no private information is leaked to third party sites. The app has been available for Millennials and other smartphone users since 2016.