Yubo and NCMEC Collaborate to Keep Minors Safe Online

Yubo, a popular social media platform among teenagers, has teamed up with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to combat the spread of sexually inappropriate photos and videos involving minors online. The platform has already implemented several measures to protect its young user base, including age verification and artificial intelligence-powered content moderation. However, Yubo acknowledges that it can do more to prevent the spread of harmful content and has partnered with NCMEC to enhance its safety protocols.

The partnership will involve several key initiatives, including creating a dedicated reporting mechanism for inappropriate content involving minors. Yubo and NCMEC will work together to identify, remove and report any content violating Yubo’s community guidelines or US law. The two organizations will also collaborate to educate Yubo’s users about the importance of safe online behavior and provide resources for parents and guardians to help them keep their children safe on the internet.

Yubo’s CEO, Sacha Lazimi, expressed its commitment to creating a safe and positive online user experience. He said that the partnership with NCMEC is a critical step in achieving this goal, noting that Yubo’s platform is designed to foster meaningful connections among young people. Lazimi added that Yubo takes seriously its responsibility to protect its users from harm and will continue to invest in innovative solutions to improve user safety.

The collaboration with NCMEC builds on Yubo’s existing efforts to safeguard its users. In addition to age verification and content moderation, Yubo has implemented several features to promote safe online behavior, including restricted access to private messaging and live streaming for users under 18 and a system that flags potentially inappropriate content for review by Yubo’s moderation team.

Yubo’s partnership with NCMEC is an important example of how social media companies can work with child protection organizations to ensure the safety and well-being of young people online. According to NCMEC, reports of online child sexual exploitation have skyrocketed in recent years, and companies must take steps to prevent this type of abuse. By collaborating with NCMEC, it demonstrates its commitment to keeping minors safe and setting an example for other social media platforms.