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Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie Named Top ROI Influencers

Wasseem and Sam Boraie are always looking for better, efficient ways to do business. They’re businessmen with a goal: drive value in small businesses. But one ingredient that’s been holding them back from excelling is procrastination.

The duo, who happen to be brothers, were recently recognized by a brand new website called Top ROI Influencers as the top influencers in the global sales economy. This is thanks to their meticulous approach and the powerful tactics they’ve used in growing their businesses over time. And before you know it, this is what they’re saying:

* “There are three words that can kill your career right now Procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the worst things that can happen to business leaders because it results in them doing too little at the wrong time.”

* “Never try to be everywhere at once. You’ll end up being nowhere for long periods. Be selective, and stick to areas you understand well.”

* “Avoid putting off big decisions until later – procrastination is not your friend.”

The two brothers are proud to say that they’re already dominating—and will continue to dominate—the market by combining the best timely tactics with powerful technology, who become more efficient with time (all while avoiding procrastination). Who Are These Top ROI Influencers?

The brothers, Wasseem and Sam Boraie, recently launched an ROI Influencers Club initiative, where they’re tapped into a growing community of high-level professionals across many industries. They’ve long been enthusiasts of the power of data in business, and that’s why they’ve always been committed to boosting their businesses. This top influencer club has grown to include over 2 million members (three influential CEOs), 750+ agencies across 50 different countries, and 400+ companies with over $8 billion in revenues, more information click here.