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Understanding What Makes Nomad Internet Different

Nomad Internet is the number one United States wireless internet service provider. They focus on offering high-speed 4G LTE wireless internet reaching local communities across the United States and for on-the-road travelers.

Founded in 2017 in Texas, the company’s initial goal was to improve RV parks’ Wi-Fi connections. However, its mission changed in 2020, and it started offering direct-to-customer internet connection services.

The company combines Verizon’s services and the latest industry technology to offer unmatched services and low-latency internet. You can get different plans that provide up to 1TB speeds plus expansive Wi-Fi, which offers flexible connectivity throughout your home or office premises.

You can get the Nomad Internet Unlimited Residential for $109 monthly, Nomad Unlimited Travel for $129 monthly, or Nomad Unlimited Power for $199 monthly. The residential plan is primarily made for home use, and it offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps plus unlimited data. You can use the travel plan at home or on the road, and it also provides unlimited data plus up to 100Mbps download speeds.

The unlimited power plan is primarily for commercial users or gamers with high internet demands. It offers up to 200Mbps download speeds and unlimited data. All the plans offer a 14-day free and risk-free trial from when you receive your modem. If the device fails, the company offers a full refund with no questions.

You can choose the Nomad Air, Nomad Raptor, or Nomad Ark modem, depending on your internet requirements. The Nomad Air is the smallest and lightest, and you can use it anywhere. The Nomad Raptor is slightly bigger than the Nomad Air but is still easily portable. It has the strongest indoor antennas, helping it to achieve higher speeds.

Finally, the nomad Ark is primarily designed for outdoor use. It has the furthest range you can get from a wireless modem. This modem also makes it possible to get fast internet speeds even in remote locations.

Also, unlike other internet-providing companies, Nomad Internet does not require you to sign a contract to get their services. Therefore, you can cancel your services with them anytime by returning their modem.

Also, to ensure safety for all its customers, Nomad Internet has enhanced Wi-Fi security, several encryption layers, IT admin controls, built-in VPN support, and firewall filtering. For Android users, visit this app for related information.


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