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Understanding About Who and What Alliance Defending Freedom Is All About

Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal organization often touted as the largest all across the globe. This dedicated team works tirelessly to defend the rights of others being persecuted for their deep religious faith or specific personal viewpoints that include religious freedom, parental rights, free speech, the sanctity of life and their beliefs that God has a certain design for both family and married life.

The goal of Alliance Defending Freedom is to help ensure that the government cannot stop or otherwise interfere with a person or group’s individual freedoms that these individuals hold dear and our constitution defends. However, this organization sometimes defends those of other religious persuasions than Christianity too. This legal organization has also defended the rights of individuals who do not have any religious inclination as well.

Some examples of the kinds of cases that Alliance Defending Freedom has been involved in include incidents where persons were harassed or maligned simply for speaking about deeply held religious beliefs in a public space. These cases involve persons and groups that identify as Muslim, Jewish, Mormons as well as Christian.

The organization also gets involved when students are targeted for peaceably engaging in free speech debates and protests on public college campuses. In 1997, ADF launched its Center for Academic Freedom (CAF), which challenges campus speech codes used to stifle students and faculty on campus.

There have been some troubling incidents where students were arrested or otherwise punished for speaking out on their inner beliefs that include sanctity of life protests and racial related speeches. The organization has been involved with some international work too.

Many people are unaware of the legal work that Alliance Defending Freedom has been involved with since its beginning in 1994. Although the organization was started by Christian leaders at that time, the organization defends other faiths and those with no specific religious or other ideology in many cases in the U.S. and around the world. See this page for related information.


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