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U.S. Crime App Citizen Rolls Out First Paid Tool, Connecting Users To Safety Agents

Citizen’s free smartphone app has just gone live in the U.S. with its first paid feature – “Protect”. This tool helps users avoid crime and con artists by connecting them with safety agents who can escort them to their destination or provide advice on the safest route to get there.

Citizen App was designed with crime prevention in mind, as well as building connections between citizens of all backgrounds and protecting personal security by providing reassurance in unfamiliar situations. The paid feature allows users to connect with safety agents who can provide personal security tips and route suggestions and provide a 24-hour hotline to call to request assistance. In addition, users can upload photos and videos of potential criminals and con artists; those uploaded images will be rated by a safety agent who will determine if the image may benefit law enforcement.

The citizen app will also allow users to report crime incidents, including assault and harassment. Users can also flag sketchy neighborhoods, stores, and more to help other users stay safe.

Citizen App is a free universal app for iOS and Android devices. The paid safety feature is available for $10 per month. It includes unlimited use of Citizen’s safety features and services, a personal safety agent who can help users follow their route, navigate their way to the safest point of their journey, and more.

The app’s open platform allows you to create your safety profile to make interacting with others in your community safer, more convenient, and more effective.

“At Citizen, we’re building a platform that offers the world’s most transparent and efficient networking for individuals that allows them to build connections with the people in their life who can help them stay safe,” said Citizen Founder Andrew Frame. “Citizen is designed to give your community peace of mind when they need it most”. Follow this page on twitter, for more information.

Citizen app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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