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The Class Project: Ross Cameron

 There are little things that can change the course of one’s life. Ross Cameron is a man who was influenced by one of those events. For a school project he had to invest in companies with a pretend portfolio. He and his friend Cooper were paired together for the project. 


This is when the inspiration hit him. He loved the project so much that he was determined to make a career out of it, and he was able to accomplish just that. He is also a man who loves to tinker with classic cars as well (Amazon). 


He is a man of many different talents. After Ross Cameron finished school he wanted to try things in the big city. He liked it for a while, but he knew that kind of lifestyle was not for him. He was able to figure out how to use the stock market to his advantage. 

Trading Gurú Ross Cameron

One of the things that he had to learn was to be patient when it came to investing. This was something that he had to learn to develop over time. Ross Cameron was given one hundred thousand dollars from his father after he passed away. 

He wanted to give it another go. This time he would make it work. Ross Cameron can now look back on that time as a turning point. From a long successful career, the trading expert finally put the pieces together, and he came out on top. Now he is able to pursue all of his interests. He has become a very content man.