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Robert Kraft: The Sports Industrialist


About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an American businessman and the Kraft Group’s CEO. This Brookline Native was born on 5th June 1941. In 1959, he graduated from Brookline High School. Later, after graduating from Columbia University in 1963, Kraft joined Harvard Business School for his MBA.

His wife’s name is Myra. He currently serves as a trustee emeritus of his former school Columbia University. He has also served as a board member at the Boston Fed and Viacom. Kraft has been honored numerous times for his contribution to society. He has received honorary degrees and the Theodore Roosevelt Award for his accomplishments, among other accolades.


Robert Kraft is an active philanthropist. Together with his family, they have donated to nonprofit organizations and charity programs. Many have recognized his contributions to healthcare and social justice. Kraft has also partnered with other like-minded people to form organizations that address issues in the criminal justice system. Kraft believes that good health and education are key pillars of society.

He donated millions to establish the Kraft Center for Community Health. This is an initiative aimed at addressing health problems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kraft helped secure protective gear for healthcare workers. The family also supports the military by donating food to the war veterans and their families.

Investing In Sports

While he was at Columbia University, Kraft played football. He grew up an avid supporter of the Patriots, even during the AFL days. Kraft has always been a risk-taker in business. In 1985, he invested in an undeveloped piece of land near the Schaefer Stadium. Later, he purchased the stadium in a deal that included the lease to the Patriots. In 1994, Kraft used the stadium lease as leverage to buy the Patriots. Although they were struggling at the time, he took the risk. After he bought the team, fans supported them tremendously. The Patriots have been dominant in football since Kraft took over. Visit this page for related information.


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