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Raffaele Riva Provides Singular Services for Elite Wealth Management


Raffaele Riva manages Aurea Multi-Family Office, a financial management firm that serves wealthy clients and companies from around the world. Examples of the company’s services include tax planning strategies, estate and asset management, investments research and management and all types of international financial transactions. Regardless of whether you need individual wealth or corporate wealth management, the company fields a team of financial experts, trusted subsidiaries and experience in all aspects of modern international business services.

Experience and Long-term Financial Strategies

Raffaele Riva has a long history of managing financial transactions across the board including real estate trusts, corporate mergers and acquisitions and startup firms. His experience includes international business logistics with multinational companies, and accounting and auditing rank as his top specialties when he began his career.

Riva’s background includes a degree in economics from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, which operates in Milan, and postgraduate work in Canton Ticino Management Business School in SSQUEA and SUPSI at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland. Raffaele Riva has launched multiple business startup campaigns and served as a senior executive of a multinational corporate conglomerate.

Bullish on Business

The core philosophy of Raffaele Riva relies on proactive optimism and business transactions that add value to lives. Satisfying clients remains his highest priority, and to that end, he focuses on a greater range of personalized services that make lives a little easier for those struggling with managing upper incomes, taxes, trusts and estates. The services include the multi-family contemporary model that offers specialized, one-of-a-kind services and specially developed strategies that incorporate clients’ interests, attitudes and philosophies.

The emphasis of his business strategy embraces fresh approaches, out-of-the-box ideas and emerging global trends. Always partial to creative new technologies, Riva welcomes extraordinary transactions that challenge the status quo while being grounded in solid business best practices. Visit this page for more information.


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