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Raffaele Riva, Founder, Co-owner And Managing Partner Of Advisory Companies


Growing up in Italy, Raffaele Riva was fascinated by the culture’s language of art. And during his time in Croatia, he learned to build websites for a living and began to study design at university. Now, more than three decades later, this veteran entrepreneur has teamed up with AUREA Multi Family Office — a financial services company that is breaking new ground across Europe.

“I have always been fascinated by art and design, which is why I became a web designer,” he says. “In Italy, there was no such thing as online marketing, but I taught myself the skills so that we could help businesses in Croatia market their products on the Internet.”

Raffaele Riva’s fascination with art and technology has informed his new partnership with AUREA, an award-winning financial services company.

“I am now taking my passion for business to the next level and am very excited by AUREA’s mission to provide financial services to underserved and disadvantaged people. I have been in touch with AUREA’s CEO, Gabriel Fialkow, for a while, and we have finally decided to partner up.”

In February 2015, in partnership with Riva’s Web Marketing Lab s.r.o. company and Fialkow’s AUREA financial services company, Raffaele Riva re-launched, a crowdfunding website that promotes investment opportunities for new businesses and real estate projects.

Riva’s decades of experience have taught him that the Internet is a powerful tool for reaching new clients, raising money — and promoting social good.

“When I was designing websites in Croatia, I also started helping charities with online marketing,” he says. “I believe that the Internet has profound effects on society, and it is important to use technology to combat poverty and solidarity in both developed and developing countries.” On 28 December 2018, Raffaele will be taking part in the “Artificial Intelligence for Good” panel at the AI for Good Global Summit, in Geneva, Switzerland. On 12 June 2018 Raffaele Riva was invited to the TEDxCelebratePrague conference to give a talk about his experience in scaling businesses and innovating digital strategies. Raffaele has also been an invited speaker at numerous events inside and outside Italy. Refer to this article for more information.


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