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Quattro Development: Small Business with Big Reach

As a small business, Quattro Development is only as successful as the clients who come in and ask for their services. Quattro is a real estate company that provides a turnkey solution for companies looking to move into new spaces. They handle everything from finding the perfect building to furnishing the space. Quattro has offices nationwide, and the co-founders, Rob Walters and Mike Liyeos have developed strong relationships and made a name for themselves in the industry. That said, it is still a small business but a national company.

How Quattro Manages Its National Footprint as a Small Business

Quattro Development has offices in five states; Illinois, New York, Texas, Iowa, and Indiana. While the company is only a few years old, it has quickly grown its client list. That’s because of the relationship-oriented business model that Quattro has in place. They are a company that helps retailers and operators to expand across the U.S. by building stores to their specifications. The company has grown exponentially over the past few years. They’ve completed over 150 projects across 31 states.

Since Quattro Development is located in five states, the company must have employees who can handle any problem. To uphold a friendly and professional relationship with its clients, Quattro also needs to be able to find solutions quickly and efficiently. The co-founders take the time to train their staff members so that they have a better understanding of what their jobs entail.

Quattro Development Aims for a Profitable Future

The company strongly focuses on stability, which is also a quality that Rob and Mike have built over time. The two co-founders have decided that sticking to their values is the most important factor for their success. They believe in being responsive, innovative, and fair. These are the three qualities that are crucial for making the company successful. According to Liyeos, they plan to work hard and develop their employees. Then when more responsibility comes along, they can take on the challenge and have the company evolve into something bigger than themselves.