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Quattro Development Hopes to Become One of the Top Firms in Its Creative Field

Quattro Development is a well-funded, high-tech architecture firm that has quickly earned an impressive reputation for its creativity and cutting-edge designs. Quattro’s in-house studio features an innovative, state-of-the-art CAD system that allows the firm’s designers to collaborate with clients, subcontractors, and engineers virtually worldwide.

The Quattro team has designed a wide range of projects, including the ultramodern, ultramodern, ultramodern, and ultra-modern high-rise condominiums and many more traditional residential and office buildings. Quattro also has developed several high-profile, award-winning office and retail projects in partnership with Frank Gehry.

With many firms in New York City hiring a junior person and keeping them on for five or six years, the Quattro Development model is to hire the best young talent and give them the freedom to grow. Its roots are in the Italian-American community in Brooklyn, but it has also hired several minorities.

Quattro has created a unique system for allowing employees to buy stock in the company. The stock, held in trust, is purchased at ten dollars a share from the firm. Employees can then sell the stocks they have bought and use the profits to purchase additional stock. This allows every employee to hold significant ownership and also provides an incentive to hire people who may otherwise be reluctant to join a company or leave their jobs.

Every new employee is interviewed by four members of the firm, each of whom evaluates the candidate’s potential to fit into their team. Quattro also enforces a probationary period before any stock can be purchased, ensuring that new staff members know the firm’s culture and can prove themselves within its business model. The company’s policy is to retain only those employees who can perform at a high level.

Quattro Development wants to expand internationally and is currently in the early stages of looking for new investment partners. It also hopes to grow significantly in its domestic and international presence. Through careful planning and a strategic approach to hiring and developing staff, Quattro Development hopes to become one of the top firms in its creative field.