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Mirabaud’s Commitment to Modern Art

Mirabaud is an international banking and financial Group founded in 1819. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. The Group offers services to private clients worldwide in asset management, brokerage, and wealth management. The Group has been the active and main sponsor of Bol d’Or Mirabaud since 2005. The bank made the Geneva Museum of Modern Arts free to all visitors while celebrating its 200 birthday in 2019.

The commitment of Mirabaud to modern art has gone well above just collection. The Group is a pioneer in sustainable and responsible finance, and this has helped in supporting current artists while also supporting events and institutions aiming to bring more audiences. Consequently, Mirabaud has supported MAMCO, Zurich Art Weekend, and others.

The commitment portrayed by the Group helps us reflect on ourselves, get off our comfort zones, and look into the world in a new way regarding arts. The basis of innovation and different thinking has always been creativity. The Group’s actions of supporting modern arts mean that ideas and the artists who create them and bring them to life will be sustained. For over 200 years, Mirabaud has made sure to look into the individual place as it stands with creators.

The latest development of the Group is it has put the complete catalog of arts online; this was in the quest to make everything easily accessible by everyone and anytime. Also, it practices lending its works to institutions so that the members of the general public may discover them. The Group’s commitment to modern art goes ahead with integrating art into the urban landscape. It has created a dialogue to revitalize cities through town planning, creation, and architecture.

The living collection of the Group comprises an unbreakable bond between it and its clients and colleagues. The collection is found across all the properties of the Group. Go to this page for additional information.


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