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Meet The Newest Startup App Temu

Temu is an iOS app quickly soaring in popularity as one of the best apps for shopping online. It offers a comprehensive list of deals on the most popular retailers’ websites which are updated constantly. Temu houses everything from clothes, shoes, and accessories to make-up, books, and alcohol in one convenient location. You can search through categories or browse through featured sites like Walmart or Amazon instead. The app also allows users to rate deals on a five-star system with the option to purchase or skip a deal.

  1. Climbing the charts

Since it launched in early September, Temu has been downloaded over ten million times and has maintained a spot in the top 100 free apps since its release. The app is currently ranked number 15 most downloaded free app in the U.S., displacing Facebook Messenger. This is a significant achievement considering it only became available on the U.S. market one month ago, after overcoming its expansion challenges in countries such as China and India, where other companies are highly dominant players.

  1. What Makes it Popular

The app’s popularity is not only due to its ease of use but also to its ability to aggregate deals from the most popular online retailers at a time when shopping online is becoming increasingly popular. People are increasingly choosing to shop online due to the convenience of shopping at home, where there is no need for constant driving or searching for parking, and you don’t have to fight the crowds.

  1. Top Rated Deals

Temu offers a wide range of deals broken down into categories such as shoes, jewelry and all accessories, clothing and all make-up, beauty, books, music, and movies. Values are constantly updated with new deals that may appear on other app stores since the information is pulled from their websites rather than from another source. The app also shows which deals are currently on sale and what values are excluded because they are past their expiry dates.

Temu is an excellent example of a startup app that has broken through the friction in obtaining users. It is also quickly shaping up as one of the most popular shopping apps for its accessible, user-friendly interface and comprehensive inventory. The company is also set to expand before the end of this year with two major releases, a feature that would make it even more attractive to customers.