Mark Hauser Shares Views on Private Equity and Companies Run By Their Creators

After two years of untold difficulties accompanying the coronavirus pandemic, many expected 2022 to bring some normality back. The struggles confronting companies remain, though they are more recognizable than before. Prices have soared astronomically, and there has been a massive exodus from businesses, among other intricate issues that organizations are contending with. To top it off, a rumor of an impending recession is prevalent—thus necessitating that firms enter 2023 prepared to be flexible and innovative in order to survive.

Mark Hauser’s Investor Vision

Founders of businesses are not protected against these struggles and may be more exposed to them than those with aged heads. Nowadays, a business is not expanding. In that case, it is diminishing during times of doubt. Mark Hauser emphasizes that teaming up with a private equity investor would give these companies a necessary swing over their competition.

At first glance, it may seem like an unlikely collaboration. Entrepreneurs or families mainly run founder-led companies with economic and emotional investments in their company’s success. Meanwhile, private equity funders are notorious for emphasizing generating profits – from the start of the investment to its sale a few years later. Their main ambition is to acquire as much money as possible.

Despite this, the two business ideas are consistent with each other. In times of doubt, including a private equity investor’s incentive to upgrade, a company could offer the required treatment for founder-driven businesses. Private equity businesses turn down the status quo, and investing in a company implies that they have made a resolute call to revamp it for the better. According to Mark Hauser, founders should take solace in recognizing that while investment activity has declined from last year’s record peak, capital going into US firms is still strong historically.

Mark Hauser, organizer and co-managing partner of Hauser Private Equity, stated, “We base our investments on founder-led companies. We strive to invest in professionals who are experts in their specialization and able to recognize singular assets while working with operators and sellers to improve expansion.”