Financial Analysts Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser Details Early Retirement Planning Guidelines

Mark Hauser, who has been a managing partner at Hauser Private Equity since 2008, has written about the insights he developed over the years, including about the best way to retire. In this article, Mark shares useful advice for those who are retiring. Mark Hauser points out that there is a misunderstanding about how many people think they should retire and how long they should spend retired. “For many investors, retirement means giving up your job as a manager of private equity funds or executive at a consulting firm,” he says. “In reality, almost all of us will need to continue working during our retirement years.” “Early retirement planning is your first step to constructing a valid plan,” he notes. Ideally, Mark Hauser notes that you should consider each of the following:

The tasks to be done during the first six months. This can include a review of your investments, medical benefits, and legal documents such as wills and trusts that could be needed if something happens to prevent you from continuing in the labor force.” The tasks to be done during the second six months. “…At this stage, you need to evaluate and make decisions on a plan for your living situation. Consider whether you will live in the same home, stay in the same neighborhood, or move to a different community.

Explore possibilities for travel, recreation, and education.” The tasks to be done during the third six months. “In this stage, you need to figure out how much of your investments will be used for an income stream and how much would be left over for discretionary spending. Many people first use a large portion of their investments to pay down debt or pay off mortgages.” The tasks to be done during the last six months. “During the last six months of your life, some fun options are available, although it is very difficult to spend time on these activities when you are in poor health. After a certain age, being able to drive is increasingly difficult. You’ll need to spend time with a caregiver and make choices about your needs. Once you are in poor health and cannot drive, your life changes dramatically.”