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Liu Qiangdong- Covid Relief Donation

China’s Richest Man, Liu Qiangdong, has donated RMB 100 million yuan worth of Covid 19 relief materials to Hong Kong. In addition to the donation of relief material, JD also donated RMB 20 million yuan as part of its disaster relief fund and added RMB 10 million yuan in emergency cash.

Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese businessman and entrepreneur who is the founder and chairman of (also known as JingDong Mall). Liu started the company as a small business focused on electronics sales.

The donation of relief materials was made by Liu Qiangdong, through his company, to the Red Cross Society Hong Kong. Upon receiving the goods, Red Cross Hong Kong would distribute them amongst its beneficiaries.

The donation of relief goods would be an excellent example to other Chinese companies, showing a concern for the welfare of others and being a potentially perfect PR move for both parties working together in a sort of “benevolent” partnership.

It is not the first time that Liu Qiangdong has shown a generous side.

To help provide financial relief for the victims of Typhoon Jebi, also known as Cyclone Goni, Liu Qiangdong has also donated another RMB 10 million as part of his disaster relief fund. The donation is part of JD’s plans to donate RMB 100 million.

Liu Qiangdong pledged the donations personally to deliver the goods and money personally. Liu Qiangdong revealed that he received the message from his friend Mary Peng, a Red Cross Hong Kong volunteer.