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Lessons Every Leader Can Learn from Glenn Lurie’s 3Ps

Glenn Lurie Synchronoss is a man who believes in having a positive company culture. The environment you create for your employees determines their productivity and the resignation rate. During his time at AT&T, he sharpened his leadership skills and concluded on three main principles; people, passion, and purpose. According to Glenn Lurie, you will get excellent results when you prioritize your people and guide them with simplicity.

Lurie always encourages leaders to make their messages as simple as possible. When talking to your juniors, you need to engage them at a level they can understand. No matter how learned you are, emotional intelligence should always come first to help you connect with each individual. Lurie implemented this at AT&T to ensure the entire workforce was on the same page and worked towards the same goal.

Another vital lesson from Glenn Lurie Synchronoss is treating your people right. The employees should always feel part of the company since they are the ones helping you make money. Respect them, attend to their needs, and listen to their opinions. When they feel appreciated, you will enjoy increased productivity since they become more passionate about their assignments.

As you help employees feel appreciated, you should also teach them their purpose in the company. Glenn Lurie’s leadership concept embraces the fact that everyone must know their role in detail for them to perform excellently. Let every staff member understand their work and how it affects the firm. This way, they will know the importance of doing it to the best, thus increasing the overall productivity.

Finally, Glenn Lurie states that you must lead by example. Your juniors will always pay more attention to what you do than what you say. As long as you are doing the right thing and working hard, your team will follow suit. However, if you keep giving instructions but not leading by example, you will never see the positive results you seek.

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