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Justin Sun Believes That the Cryptocurrency Industry Should Learn from the TradFi Market.

Tron founder Justin Sun has just posted a new tweet where he thinks the crypto industry could learn something from the traditional financial sector. “I think the crypto industry can learn a lot from TradFi. It includes how to raise money, scale your business, make high-quality products that people want, and so on,” he said.

Sun also said that he believes the best way for Tron to grow is by partnering up with other companies and institutions. He says this will be done while retaining independence and freedom of action. He added, “We are not looking for an exit but rather a long-term strategic partnership.” Sun also said it is likely to see more partnerships in the near future, adding: “More partnerships are coming soon!”

When asked if he thinks crypto could learn something from its brethren, Justin Sun replies, “Yes.” He feels that the best way for crypto to grow is by becoming more like traditional assets like stocks or bonds. Sun points out that crypto is much more liquid than the stocks or bonds it’s compared to, which means it’s easier for investors to buy and sell at will.

At the same time, Sun points out that crypto isn’t tied to any one exchange, making it an easier sell for investors who need more money to burn into the market. With this in mind, Sun suggests that investors turn to traditional assets like stocks and bonds to help them diversify their money.

The Singapore-based exchange launched a new feature allowing users to purchase items with their Tron Foundation tokens. The purchase of items on Tron has been nothing more than a money spin for some time now. It’s now being implemented as an option for various other purchases.

Some of the most popular purchases on Tron today are now being implemented as a new exchange. “You can buy and sell with Tron. It’s a handy feature for a start-up like ours,” said Justin Sun.