Accountant Advisor CPA

 John Savignano

John Savignano is the Chief Executive Officer at Savignano, with more than 20 years of experience providing accounting, tax, and advisory services in taxation, finance, and strategic planning. With an extensive background in various industries, including banking, luxury real estate, and food production, Mr. Savignano has been a key player in helping companies make sense of complex problems like international operations or data risk management.


Savignano provides accounting and tax services to the real estate and luxury goods industries, hospitality groups, and high-net-worth individuals. With a strong focus on providing customized solutions for each client’s unique situation and needs, Mr. Savignano has a proven record of helping his clients meet their business goals.


John Savignano provides accounting and tax services to multinational companies. He also works with high-net-worth individuals looking for more sophisticated tax planning solutions. Savignano’s head of personal tax brings extensive international experience and proficiency to the organization, complementing Mr. Savignano’s knowledge base and allowing the firm to provide a truly global service.

Strategic planning

Mr. Savignano is one of the web’s leading advisors in strategic planning. With an emphasis on clients’ specific needs and challenges, Mr. Savignano has been able to help clients understand their decisions’ global and local impact. Mr. Savignano can provide a unique point of view on how complex business decisions can be simplified and executed effectively.

Advisory services

Mr. Savignano provides advisory services including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, business development and expansion, international expansion, corporate culture development, corporate governance, and management training. Also, Mr. Savignano has extensive experience with estate planning, asset protection, executive compensation, financial and tax planning, and wealth management.


Mr. Savignano’s expertise in technology is highlighted by his work with many international companies in the aerospace, banking, and information technology industries. He has worked with some of the most significant international law and accounting firms to assist clients in understanding their financial position and preparing for upcoming transactions.


Savignano provides an effective combination of formulary accounting, tax planning, and proactive financial management services, which is a key differentiator in the market. Savignano’s long-standing relationships with industry experts allow them to think strategically about every client’s situation rather than merely reacting. Continue reading this article here: