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Jason Hope Believes Stem Cell Therapy Has Huge Potential

As activist investor Jason Hope states, the advent of stem cell research has caused much controversy. It’s been 20 years since scientists first figured out how to extract and grow stem cells. People have mixed emotions regarding the use of stem cells. Decades of research have demonstrated that stem cells are the key to eliminating some specific diseases.


Jason Hope explains more. The medical field welcomed the use of stem cells to create regenerative treatments for stroke, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s. Scientists speculate that it may be possible to regenerate undesired cells.


This will lead to anti-aging and the reversal of age-related illnesses. Though the use of stem cells was promising, stem cell therapy has not advanced due to a lack of research, no backing from medical associations. And, Jason Hope adds, a public that is reluctant to accept stem cell therapy. 

Activist Investor Jason Hope

Currently, the only use of stem cells is in producing blood cells for people with blood disorders. According to entrepreneur Jason Hope, there needs to be more research. In the use of stem cells to apply treatments to a wide range of areas and receive the maximum benefits of stem cell therapy.

Hope has focused much of his philanthropy in the medical field. And recognized that there needs to be more research and testing of stem cells for stem cell therapies to leave the experimental stage. The activist investor believes that long-term research will lead to safe stem cell treatments as well as quell public distrust. Hope continues to contribute to the research of stem cells done by the SENS organizations and waits for a potential breakthrough.