Academy Education

ishcmc american academy

ishcmc american academy is one of the best private schools in the world that teaches preschool to 11th grade. The school is situated in the heart of midtown Manhattan, with a playground and garden located on the uppermost floor. We provide our students with an excellent academic foundation, as well as opportunities to explore their interests in other areas such as theater or athletics. Our emphasis on music and art leads to the creation of many outstanding performances, which we combine with our innovative curriculum and programs to ensure that each student leaves us transformed.

A full-time English programme from Preschool to grade 11th with a foreign language teaching from preschool to grade 4th. We offer a program tailored for each student. The French Programme is offered for upper grades and the German Programme for the younger grades. All students are taught in English by native speakers.

Our classes have only a maximum of 15 students so that the teachers can make sure that each child is receiving the attention needed for the further development of his or her skills and knowledge.

We have a wide range of extra curricular activities from musical instrument lessons, computer skills, after school programs, athletics and other sports as well as homework help and student support programmes.

Our most successful students are highly motivated and have a natural ability to adapt to new situations, critical thinking and the ability to make good judgements. They are also able to accept responsibility for their own learning. All our students have a high level of self-esteem and a willingness to work hard for the achievement of their goals.

Our school is not only for child prodigies; we aim at providing everyone with the best possible education. We want all our students to show great potentials and years later become real contributors at social or corporate life. This is why we encourage our students not just academically but also through extra curricular activities, sports or in other areas such as music.