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How Alliance Defending Freedom Is Leading the Charge in Religious Rights


When it comes to defending God’s intended ideals for marriage and the family, the sanctity of human life, parental rights, and religious freedom, no other organization does it like Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly known as Alliance Defense Fund.

We began in 1994, initiated by Christian leaders. While Christians make up a large portion of our clientele, we have also represented Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and those of no religion. Religious freedom is at the core of our mission, and that shows through our extensive work in defending the rights of students to free expression on college campuses from a wide range of backgrounds, including those who identify as religious, secular, libertarian, conservative, pro-life, and pro-conservation.

Our work isn’t only visible within the US, as ADF International has been active in preventing the genocide of Christians, Yazidis, Shia Muslims, and other religious minorities.

Religious Freedom

Everyone should be able to ask the deepest questions of life and act on their religious views in the marketplace just as they do at home or in a house of worship, thanks to the protections afforded by religious freedom. It’s based on the notion that the government should have a limited amount of control over its people and on respect for human dignity. These assurances should not rely on someone’s social or political standing. Each of us is responsible for ensuring that others have the same protections under the law that we do. As a result, we must learn to accept and even appreciate arguments with which we strongly disagree.

In conclusion, Alliance Defending Freedom fights for the rights to freedom of thought, expression, and belief of all people, even those with whom we disagree. What makes us truly Americans is our ability to argue our opinions without fear of retribution passionately. The same sentiments were shared by former President Obama, who stated, “Effective citizenship requires the habit of hearing out those with whom one disagrees. It is at the core of our democracy.”

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