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Gino Pozzo’s Unmatched Executive Leadership at Watford Football Club

After creating an outstanding reputation for buying out-of-form lower-division football clubs and leading them to the coveted leagues in their respective nations, England’s Watford Football Club owner, Gino Pozzo, continues to be one of the most discussed persons in the European football industry today.

Gino Pozzo is a vigorous tactical businessman who has rebuilt many football clubs through excellent trading and scouting strategies. He is an apt manager who has led the Watford Football Club back to its glory. He has devised a viable plan of buying less-known players from famous club

Born and raised in Udine, Italy, to football lovers Gianpaolo and Guiliana Pozzo, the soccer club owner grew up loving football. Everyone in his household was a Udinese fan, as it was their hometown’s football club. The family members are owners and loyal fans of the team even today.

After turning 18, Gino Pozzo moved to the United States for his post-graduate education and graduated with a Master’s degree from Harvard University. Gino then married a Catalan, after which he moved to Spain and lived in Barcelona for two decades. Later, he relocated to England’s capital city, London, with his beautiful wife and kids in 2013 to focus more on Watford Football Club, which he’d acquired in 2012. The football club owner is a hands-on individual who works tirelessly for the club to succeed. Under his leadership, Watford has played six seasons in the top division and received two Premier League promotions.

The Pozzo family, from which Gino Pozzo hails, is globally known for their affinity for football. Gino’s family involvement in the football industry began when his father, Gianpaolo Pozzo, bought the Udinese football club in 1986 using profits from his tool-manufacturing company. Udinese has experienced immense growth and a rise to glory under the family’s management.

The Pozzo family had been in the woodworking business for generations before selling the company in 2008 to focus more on football. Today, they own an electrical appliance company in Spain. Besides football club ownership and woodworking, the elite family engages in finance mergers. Visit this page for more information.


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