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Exploring the Launch House Venture Arm

House Capital is the venture arm of Launch House, a California-based incubator and accelerator. The companies in House Capital’s portfolio are all graduates of Launch House, partnering with the incubator from the beginning. House Capital’s portfolio has focused on early-stage companies due to the lower risk for investors and higher chance for positive impact. House Capital is different from other venture capital firms in many ways. First, there is a softer focus on equity, which is typical in later-stage funding.

Instead, House Capital’s focus is on venture debt, which allows the firms to be repaid over time rather than receiving a lump sum. House Capital’s portfolio is also very diverse, ranging from a cloud data company to an autonomous vehicle company. Finally, House Capital’s competitive advantage is in the hands-on, personal attention it gives to each investment. House Capital offers personalization and partnership unlike any other firm.

What Makes House Capital Different From Other Venture Capital Firms?

House Capital’s focus on early-stage funding and venture debt is unique compared to larger firms. House Capital, therefore, does not have the same focus on equity that other, later-stage firms do. This makes House Capital a good fit for startups in the early stages of development, who may lack the resources to provide equity to investors. Moreover, House Capital devotes significant resources to helping startups succeed. The firm provides mentorship and advice to the companies it funds and assists with everything from sales and marketing to capitalization.

What Kind of Companies Does House Capital Invest in?

House Capital has invested in several companies in its portfolio, including Autonomous, Cloud Data, and Keychain. Autonomous focuses on autonomous vehicles and drone software, which are predicted to impact society significantly. Cloud Data uses AI and machine learning to process data for various industries, including health care and finance. Keychain is a cybersecurity solution for retailers and other businesses that handle cash. House Capital has also invested in different companies in its portfolio, including Grow, Convene, and Cohealo.


The Launch House venture arm is a new breed of venture capital firm. Aimed at helping promising startups access the resources and capital they need to succeed, House Capital offers a unique blend of venture capital, venture debt, and strategic guidance. With a focus on early-stage funding and partnership opportunities, House Capital has the potential to be a game-changer for entrepreneurs and startups.

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