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Explanation of the Main Functions of the Citizen App

Citizen App is a new user-friendly application that is best designed to fit the safety needs of its users. The application was found in 2016, originally named as Vigilante. The name was changed in 2017 to Citizen App. The application is available in all mobile devices’ stores.

Accessibility of Information

The current times are characterized by accessibility to all kinds of information. It has been known to be hard to acquire real time events on crime as it is occurring. Citizen App was formed to fill in this gap. The application has the advantage of providing its users real time access to crime related information. Users can use the application to avoid such situations. They can also spread the word and safeguard other people’s lives.

How Citizen Works

Citizen App works mainly through accessibility to radio antennas. The antennas are located in major cities like New York City, San Diego and San Francisco. The application uses radio antennas to pick information from 911 communications. The information is then screened and sent out to users by the Citizen App staff. Users receive the information as alerts which are specific to their location.

Access to location

New Citizen App users have to allow contact accessibility through their smartphones. This allows the citizen team to track their location and give timely updates on potentially dangerous situations. Users can be made aware of unsafe locations through this application.

Access to Contacts

Users have to also allow accessibility to contacts for the App. This allows all safety related information to be passed on to their family and friends. It also works with the SafeTrace feature on the application. This feature monitors users’ contacts to inform if any of them has tested positive to the Covid-19 virus. Family and friends are also informed through Citizen, if a user is involved in a potentially unsafe condition. See this page for additional information.


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