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Leen Kawas on Actionable Steps for Women in Biotech to Break the Glass Ceiling in Leadership

Leen Kawas was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, and moved to the United States to pursue higher education. She attended the University of Jordan in Amman, earning a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, before moving to the United States to seek her graduate studies. Leen Kawas has been a strong advocate for women’s advancement in biotech leadership and has offered some actionable steps that women can take to break the glass ceiling. Here are some of her suggestions:

>Build a strong network. Women in biotech can benefit from building a solid network of professional contacts who can provide support and mentorship. This network can include both men and women, but connecting with other women in the industry who can offer advice and support is crucial.

>Seek out leadership roles. Women should actively seek out leadership roles and opportunities to take on new challenges. This can include volunteering for projects, taking on additional responsibilities, and pursuing opportunities for professional development.

>Embrace risk-taking. Women in biotech should be bold, take risks, and pursue opportunities outside their comfort zone. This can include taking on new roles, pursuing new projects, or launching a new venture.

>Advocate for yourself: Women should be advocates for themselves and their work, speaking up for their accomplishments and promoting their achievements. They should also seek opportunities to promote their work through presentations, publications, and media interviews.

>Mentor and support others. Women in biotech should actively seek opportunities to mentor and support other women in the industry, helping build a strong community of women leaders. This can include offering mentorship and support to younger women, sponsoring other women for leadership positions, and advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Overall, Leen Kawas believes that women in biotech can break the glass ceiling by taking action, building strong networks, embracing risk-taking, advocating for themselves, and supporting other women in the industry.