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Dr. Barry Lall Reflects on His Career in the Hotel Industry

Dr. Barry Lall is an entrepreneur and hotelier. He is the CEO, founder, and president of Pinnacle Hotels USA, a hotel investment company based in the United States. Although he is a successful hotelier, he did not begin his career in hospitality. After completing medical school and practicing medicine, he followed his passion and purchased his first hotel property. He held to his favorite quote by C.S. Lewis, that one is “never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” He acknowledges that studying business or finance would have helped when he was just starting; however, his passion for hotels drove him to persist.

His skills are the result of decades of hard work learning the industry. His career is one of careful risk-taking and growth. Dr. Barry Lall took a calculated risk by investing heavily in hotels during the recession in 2009, which paid off by expanding his business significantly. Lall is also a big believer in spreading pleasantness and properly caring for employees, guests, and assets. He recounts with pride how he was recognized for his leadership abilities in a recent interview with his employees. He hopes to inspire more talent in the hospitality industry by promoting opportunities and benefits in the hotel business.

Dr. Barry Lall was born in East Africa, went to medical school at Glasgow University Medical School, and moved to the United States to practice family medicine. He made his first move into the hotel industry when he purchased a hotel motor lodge on Coronado Island in 1989. Today, he lives in San Diego with his wife, Hema, and owns hotels and restaurants in California and Texas.

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