CEO Don Manifold

Don Manifold Keen on Results, Experience and Measurable Outcomes

Do the worst part first.

For Don Manifold, that bit of strategy has been gold. He called getting the “not-so-fun” stuff taken care of right away — and not avoiding it — his No. 1 productivity tool. Manifold’s oeuvre is business and finance. More specifically, he’s widely considered a global, international expert on M&A, divestitures, raising capital, IPOs, valuations, producing independent expert reports and more.

Today, Don Manifold sits at the helm of the South Australian-based Equity & Advisory. He also operates the company he created, Manifold Advisory Partners. Over the past 30 years, Manifold has led projects that represent billions of dollars in commerce and outcomes.

Manifold graduated from Flinders University in Adelaide in 1991. His degree was in economics. He would later nail down an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of South Wales. The latter is considered among the best and toughest curriculums in the world.

But Don Manifold is more than book smart. He’s a proven commodity and time tested by taking on major projects for some of the biggest names in business. Whether it be handling a merger, facilitating an acquisition or helping a company get to an IPO, Don Manifold is a go-to guy who is on the speed-dial list of industry leaders.

The tagline for his business speaks volumes: “When experience and outcomes matter.”

This notion is the “secret sauce” that separates Manifold from his competitors. He said his team is a powerful combination of experienced businesspeople and experienced corporate advisors that just flat-out produce results — period.

Manifold likes to say that no other firm in South Australia can do what his team does. It’s difficult to argue with success, and it is difficult to argue with the proven outcomes that are manifest in his record of accomplishment. Equity & Advisory and Manifold Advisory Partners are based in Adelaide.

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