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The Secrets to Enhancing Business Value with Tech and Ops Convergence

Phaneesh Murthy and Primentor, a technology and operations consultancy, have revolutionized the business world by combining technology and operational expertise to improve the efficiency of businesses. They offer businesses unparalleled solutions to enhance productivity, increase profitability, and accelerate growth. The secret to Primentor’s success lies in their unique approach to technology and operations convergence. They […]

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Interview With Mitto Co founder and COO – Ilja Gorelik

Ilja Gorelik is the CEO and Co-founder of Mitto. Ilja’s 20 years of experience includes rapid growth, market leadership, and international expansion. In 2008-2009 Ilja was a member of the executive team in charge of building and launching Google’s Russian search engine AllTheWeb. You can learn more about Ilja by watching this interview: At […]

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Christopher Terry, American Businessman, Trader, Investor, And Philanthropist

  Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy’s vision has been to bring the best in the U.S. towards the entire world with a mission to improve lives and positively impact communities through education, health care, humanitarian aid and international trade. His vision and mission have allowed him to create a global network of trading partners. He […]