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Vijay Eswaran’s Quest: Making ASEAN Truly Flat

Ah, the East! Land of economic miracles, burgeoning industries, and an accelerating GDP that leaves even the West breathless. But hold on. Vijay Eswaran, the entrepreneurial brain behind the QI Group, compels us to dig a bit deeper. He asks us to challenge the rosy narrative we’ve built around the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, […]

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Why the World Needs More ‘Glocal’ Leaders Like Hassan Jameel

When I look at Hassan Jameel, President of Community Jameel, I see the future of leadership—a “glocal” leader. The term “glocal” combines global and local, encapsulating those who can navigate different cultures with ease, solving problems that transcend borders. And who better to represent this new paradigm than a man educated in the Middle East […]

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“Unleashing Possibilities: Miki Agrawal’s Inspiring Journey”

Miki Agrawal, a true trailblazer, has woven a tapestry of innovation and empowerment that has touched many lives. The article on RushPRNews, “Miki Agrawal: Pioneering Change and Embracing Authenticity,” sheds light on her dynamic contributions and the impact they’ve had on a diverse spectrum of people.  Agrawal’s story, as a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and social […]

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The Maverick of Modern Enterprise: Hassan Jameel’s Crusade

There’s a certain magic to old stories, but rewriting them for modern times, now that’s a rare art. Hassan Jameel, the torchbearer of the Jameel family legacy, is proving that it’s not just about sustaining an old narrative. It’s about courageously rewriting it. In the world of business, there’s a familiar story. Generations build, the […]

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Celebrating the Innovation of Alejandro Pena and Keter in Home and Garden Decor

Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable achievements of Alejandro Pena and the renowned brand Keter in the world of home and garden decor. Recently, their incredible work received well-deserved recognition from Gear Patrol Magazine, solidifying their position as true industry leaders. Let’s talk about Alejandro Pena, the creative genius behind Keter’s success. With […]


David Bolno

David Bolno is a well-known music executive who has worked in the music industry for forty years. He is the chairman and co-founder of Six Degrees Entertainment, an award-winning music production company in Los Angeles. Their primary function is to search and license music for television, short films, ad campaigns, and video games. David is […]

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The Romanian Designer Dressing Hollywood Celebrities; Maria Lucia Hohan

Romanian designer Maria Lucia Hohan established the high-end clothing line Maria Lucia Hohan in 2003. The company is renowned for its lavish and feminine designs made of delicate materials with elaborate detailing and flowing forms. The designer is inspired by her Romanian ancestry and incorporates handcrafted lace and embroidery as well as other traditional crafts […]