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Athlo, Redefining The Fitness Industry


Matthew Mansell is an entrepreneur who combines a lifetime passion with business savvy, creating something unique. In the process, he founded Athlo – a share economy application focused on fitness- providing a digital application where members recoup their invested capital for their fitness accomplishments, its users, gyms, and fitness center trainees to share memberships and exercise classes.

With an athletics history and lifetime pursuit of a dynamic lifestyle, this gives the business a distinctive touch and bears the potential of the next fitness unicorn. Athlo’s Founder was a professional rugby player for years, and his outing via that process, later venturing into business, assisted in what would later become Athlo.

Matthew Mansell played at a rugby academy for over a year in England, which later landed him a deal in France to play for Auch, giving him great exposure. The company founder returned to the United Kingdom and was involved in finance before the idea conception, which came via observation.

Through his friends who had gyms and boutique studios in London, Matthew Mansell noticed the underutilized memberships that bore the potential of becoming the next fitness unicorn and decided to perceive a solution.

Matthew Mansell uses a winning approach to all stakeholders, where gyms perk due to their increasing retention numbers. In contrast, gym members gain from it as they can experience diverse fitness resources without sustaining total subscription fees or membership costs and benefit by regaining sunken prices for pre-paid memberships.

Matthew Mansell attributes the company’s success from the observation, due diligence, and research done by looking at the usage, how people utilize their memberships, trends, and disrupters associated with the industry, and utility by having a view of similar companies like Airbnb and Turo.

According to him, the company has an adequate amount in its offering as it is likely to gain from the current economic state of affairs, and he terms it “the passport for fitness”. Refer to this article for more information.


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