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The Flexibility: Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

The job market of today is usually in an up and down cycle. People who run businesses know what this kind of thing can mean. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez knows this better than most. He has helped many small companies over the years weather the storm of finding the right employees. Now he has spotted something new to try. It is a company called Job and Talent and it tries to put the best talent out there in the hands of equitable companies. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez understands how the job market works. He knows that companies have to be flexible when it comes to staffing and the current pandemic. this is the kind of site that job seekers can use to keep moving forward in spite of new rules and regulations. This kind of venture reminds him of himself only a few years ago when he brought Hawkers up to speed in the consumer market. Now he wants to do the same thing for job seekers and companies looking for applicants.

One of the things that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez does when he looks at a new venture is to see where it is currently and figure out how to get it ahead. That is the greatest and most fulfilling challenge for him. That is what he likes best about being an angel investor. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez can find something to gravitate to when it comes to a new company. He then figures out a new strategy to move the company to the world stage. This is exactly what he did with Hawkers and he wants to do the same thing in this case. He wants to see the company succeed. If he can help a new company do just that, then he is all for it. It makes him very happy.

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