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Professional Leadership Offered by Heath Ritenour at IOA

In the business arena, everyone’s wish is to see their enterprise succeeding. With this in mind, the CEOs will invest their time, effort, energy, and resources to achieve their goals. For your business to succeed in the era we are in, you must be creative and innovative to develop unique strategies. The primitive ones will always go for traditional ways of running a business, slowing down the gradual growth process. On the other hand, modern CEOs will seek to achieve organic growth by focusing on people, technology, and infrastructure like Heath Ritenour, current IOA’S Chairman and CEO.

IOA, a private insurance company based in the US, is thirty-plus years old, but Heath has worked with it for twenty-six years. Equipped with solid teamwork skills, since 1996, Heath Ritenour joined efforts with other producers to make IOA great. Now, the company is the 13th largest privately-owned insurance brokerage firm nationwide, thanks to the hard work put in by Heath and his peers. As a sales agent, Heath familiarized well with the company’s policies and customs, an experience that has made his leadership years enjoyable. In the insurance industry and the business arena at large, many CEOs fail because they focus more on profits, forgetting to create a conducive working environment for their employees who always determine the quality of services and experiences customers receive.

Aware of this, Heath Ritenour leads the company in formulating and maintaining a favourable corporate culture that will always psyche them up. As a result, customers’ experience one-of-a-kind services and experiences, leading to solid relationships, translating to positive growth. Though the insurance industry hasn’t experienced much change since its founding, Heath Ritenour is optimistic that it will modernize its operations due to the presence of advanced technology. Heath is a good planner, and by keeping a daily list of tasks to be accomplished, he ensures anything requiring his attention has been tackled, hence improving his productivity. Heath’s advice to fledgling entrepreneurs is to maintain their curiosity by asking questions and exploring, which is a crucial source of new opportunities.

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