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Andrea Riposati is the CEO of Dante Labs

Andrea Riposati is the CEO of Dante Labs, a company that focuses on whole genome sequencing. A family member inspires Andrea Riposati to bring the service to people worldwide to diagnose and treat diseases like cancer.

Riposati has had an astonishing rise through the ranks, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. She was promoted from vice president of marketing at Microsoft in 2008 to senior vice president of product management at Microsoft in 2011, then left for Dante Labs in 2013 as Executive Vice President and General Manager. Then in 2016, Riposati was promoted to CEO of Dante Labs.

Riposati attended the University of Genoa in Italy, earning her Bachelor of Science, majoring in computer science. She worked on her Master’s degree in computer science at the University of California at Berkeley and finished in 2000.

Andrea Riposati started as a software developer at Microsoft, based in Seattle, WA. She then became an official project manager and worked closely with the Windows Mobile team. Riposati began to work as a program manager for Microsoft Office over three years, working closely with multiple teams and products—including Microsoft Word. She continued to move up the ranks and became a senior program manager. Riposati then became a vice president of the company, managing product teams.

Andrea Riposati began her work with Dante Labs in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA, as Executive Vice President and General Manager. While Riposati was working for Microsoft, she began thinking about how she could take WGS technology to the next level and help people with their healthcare. She decided that if she wanted to provide people with WGS technology, she would need to be involved in the industry rather than just as a software developer. In 2013, Riposati helped launch Dante Labs by serving as its executive vice president and general manager for two years.