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American Casual Fast-Food Chain Zaxby’s Now Fastest Growing Restaurant App

Zaxby’s is a favorite casual dining option that offers delicious chicken, salads and sandwiches served fast and hot. The American based food chain is now considered one of the fastest growing restaurant apps today. According to a recent article, this growth trend was likely sparked by the company’s smart launch of their phenomenal customer rewards program.

The tasty food at Zaxby’s draws many fans of all ages and backgrounds. The customers also appreciate the company’s loyalty awards, and the younger generation enjoys the ease of using the app. It should also be noted that app users have a greater tendency to be die-hard fans. This is evident with the stellar reviews these customers post and greater food orders made than non-app user customers.

Zaxby’s is named after its founder and CEO Zack McLeroy. He opened the first Zaxby’s in the year 1990 in Statesville, Georgia. The company based its operations around the concept of offering truly delicious chicken with a patented sauce that keeps the customers coming back for more.

The chain also sells other sandwiches and menu selections. Today, there are more than a whopping 900 store locations, and the brand offers 12 different varieties of sauces to go with their signature chicken sandwich that started the whole business. The brand also offers a chance for a great career and franchise opportunities.

Zaxby’s has long been known as a business that supports the communities where they are located. They are also quick to support local community programs and projects.

The restaurant also boasts an inclusive and friendly workplace. The company makes it easy to enjoy a quick meal with family or friends by taking advantage of the Zax Rewardz that accumulate with app and in-person food orders. What is clear is that this popular food chain knows how to make their customers happy.

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