Alliance Defending Freedom- Defense with Christian Values

Alliance Defending Freedom was launched in 1994 by Christian leaders, as Alliance Defense Fund. They work with Christian clients, but also defend those of different faiths or not faith at all. The defense teams at ADF works in areas such as religious freedom, free speech, sanctity of human life, parental rights, international work, and Supreme Court advocacy.

Alliance Defending Freedom believes that religious freedom extends to individuals of all faiths or no faith. They believe that every person has the right to explore their religious convictions publicly. For many years, religious freedoms were focused on protecting those of certain minority religious beliefs. ADF believes that those same freedoms have to be extended to all.

In the area of free speech, ADF works with public colleges and universities to ensure that students are free to express their views and debate important issues. They have had over 400 victories protecting students’ free-speech rights.

Alliance Defending Freedom works to defend the sanctity of human life, safeguarding life from conception to natural death. ADF also works to ensure parents have rights to protect their children and their health and welfare, as well as direct their upbringing.

Alliance Defending Freedom is also involved in international work that engages in legal advocacy all over the world. They are accredited by the UN Economic and Social Council, the European Parliament and Commission, and the Organization of American States. They work with many partners all in various countries.

As one of the most respected and successful advocates in the United States Supreme Court, ADF has had a role in over 74 Supreme Court victories. These cases were on behalf of pastors, churches, religious organizations, college students, family-owned businesses, pro-life pregnancy centers, and town councils.

The Alliance Defending Freedom believes that it is essential to listen to opposing views for our democracy. They fight and promote for a society defined by the free exchange of ideas and respect and tolerance for those with differing views. Visit this channel on YouTube, for related information.


Learn more about ADF on https://adfinternational.org/