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           Alfons Hörmann

Alfons Hormann, President of the German Olympic Confederation and Chairman of the World Olympians Association, is one of the most prominent sports figures. His work in both organizations, including his achievements as an athlete and sponsor of sporting events, has been recognized internationally with many prestigious awards. In addition to working as a successful businessman and member of the country’s Olympic Sport Steering Committee for 19 years, he served on various Executive Committees for significant sports federations and led various national cultural organizations. He has also authored several books on sports education and won numerous prizes for their content.

Alfons Hörmann was born in 1947 and began playing sports in the fourth grade. His father, a former Olympic shot putter, instilled in his son the attitude and lifestyle of a professional athlete. As a child, Alfons won ten gold medals and regularly competed against older children. He turned professional with running at age twelve. See more info here

After graduating high school, he trained at the German Athletics Association Academy in Cologne with coach Erwin Sibler. The latter also coached athletes such as Ron Hill and Karl Köhn. In 1966 he won the silver medal in the 440-meter hurdles running for the German national team at the Summer Olympics. The same year, he earned his first Olympian and world of track and field title at a major event held in Sweden. High school in Germersheim, he ran successfully in the German Athletics Championships and appeared on the national television station.

Alfons Hörmann: “Later, I experienced other setbacks that helped me overcome hurdles. When I was eighteen, I had a car accident and broke my right leg. It was heartbreaking for the young athlete who had already run 400 meters in less than 48 seconds. The doctors told me I could walk again within one to two weeks, which proved me wrong. Instead of having time to rest and heal from the injury, I was forced to continue physical therapy and sports training to prepare for the world championships.