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Alejandro Betancourt Future Plans for Hawkers

Alejandro Betancourt is an ambitious entrepreneur and an investor in the fashion sector. His current investment includes working with the Hawkers sunglasses, which is known to be among the top businesses. Alejandro Betancourt plays a great role in the company’s success after investing millions of money. The business was started early in 2013 with four investors, both with an aim to provide quality fashion styles to people and make success. Hawkers company has grown its way up through great marketing schemes, especially on social media platforms.

Hawkers company is committed to providing high-quality products to its clients in an affordable price range. Due to Alejandro’s skills in marketing the company as the president, the business has grown to an extent it’s making its own sunglasses. Among the top ways that he used to brand the company was through influencers. Alejandro Betancourt decided to use Instagram models to market the sunglasses to their followers and get a free ticket to concerts and vacations. Since most people buy products that are presented by influencers, the company was able to gain new customers and more

Alejandro Betancourt is the biggest shareholder of the company after increasing his investment percentage. He ensured to outsource high-quality products for the sunglasses in order to meet the customer’s expectations. Alejandro decided to partner with other brands like Sony and PayPal to make the business better. Many celebrities have also been seen wearing Hawker’s sunglasses. Due to its popularity, it has been recognized and named top of the best businesses in the fashion industry. Alejandro Betancourt has future plans for the company, which include opening more branches worldwide and collaborating with other brands in the fashion sector. The company has accomplished selling sunglasses to over millions of people who appreciate the quality and fashion sense. It is through Alejandro Betancourt’s efforts that the company continues to grow to meet its targets.