Academy Art School

 Advantages of Living in the Residence Halls at the Academy of Art University

Welcome to the Academy of Art University Residence Halls. They are proud of their residence halls, and we think you’ll be impressed with all they offer.

Full-time Resident Assistants

Resident Advisors are full-time employees who live in the residence halls with you. They’re there to help you with your concerns, and they can support you in any way possible. You can go to them for advice or to talk about how your day went. The Resident Advisors also serve as a point of contact between residents and staff. They work closely with RA supervisors and other university staff members to ensure you have a safe community and that everyone feels supported on campus.

Lounges and Study Areas on Each Floor

Lounges are designed to be a place where students can relax, study and even meet other students. Each lounge has furniture such as couches, chairs, tables, and desks. The lounges usually have TVs which you can watch while you’re hanging out there or having a study group. Some of them also have DVD players, so if there is a movie that you want to watch but don’t want to go all the way home just yet, then this would be an option for that particular lounge. Finally, some of them may also have a kitchen area with microwave ovens, so if someone wants some snacks or drinks – they’re close by.

24-Hour Security

When you live in the Academy of Art University residence halls, you’ll never have to worry about staying safe. Their security guards are on duty 24 hours a day. They’re trained to help students with any issues, and they can also assist in an emergency situation. Their security cameras are also monitored by their staff 24/7. Source: