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About RingCentral COO Mo Katibeh

Mo Katibeh is the Chief Operating Officer of RingCentral, an American company that provides cloud-based communications services for businesses. He has over a decade of experience in the telecom industry and has overseen numerous global projects to help businesses grow their reach. For him, telephony is about connecting people to people; he talks about how it’s not just about technology but also about culture.

He started his career as a service provider as a network engineer and quickly became Director of Network Services. He was among the first to pioneer the transformation of the carrier’s billing platform from traditional CPE to IP-based VoIP. He led teams of engineers to develop new business models around VoIP. He later became Director of Operations for an IT service delivery unit.

Mo Katibeh graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Computer Science and left his hometown of Seattle to see the world. Following a stint managing operations in London for another telecom company, he moved back to Silicon Valley and joined RingCentral’s executive team as COO in 2014.

Mo Katibeh on the role of the COO

“The role of the COO is one that changes as much as the market. We have a forward-thinking leader with a solid understanding of today’s technology and a vision for tomorrow’s world. Mo Katibeh discusses how we’re constantly looking at our processes and what value they add.”

Mo Katibeh, on his background and experience in telecom

“The telecommunications industry is changing at an incredible pace. However, you may be surprised to learn that I’m not new to this industry – in fact, I’ve been around the game for roughly 10 years. After years of being a network engineer and director of network services, I transitioned my career to becoming a director of operations for an IT service delivery unit. In this role, I learned everything there was to learn about the best practices for operations. Later on, I became COO of another major telecom company where I continued learning – listening and observing.”