About Jonas Lauren Norr

Crest has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) to join forces with Ethos Real Assets – a venture capital firm based in San Francisco – to build deep technology platforms and services that will enable innovative companies, build businesses, solve infrastructural challenges, and accelerate growth across the globe. Jonas Lauren Norr, the founder of Ethos Real Assets, a company that develops and invests in early-stage investments, believes that in today’s digital economy, data has become the new oil and is driving the rise of the fourth industrial revolution. However, with the right ecosystem, data can serve humanity rather than be used as a commodity. That is why he started Ethos Real Assets. Their mission is to help founders, teams, and organizations access deep technical skills, resources, and funding needed to develop the technologies that will make our lives better.

The JV will help companies develop disruptive innovations in core technology sectors. Its focus will be on identifying and developing new ways to enhance our ability to transform raw materials into valuable products and services. We aim to identify and test promising solutions that address critical challenges facing the natural resources, agriculture, energy, and healthcare industries. By leveraging breakthroughs in science, engineering, and business, we seek to accelerate the development of new tools and techniques for improving productivity.

Crest President and CEO Mike Collins adds, “We’re thrilled to partner with Alpha and create a world-class mining company. Our goal is to deliver value to shareholders by increasing production and lowering costs cost-effectively. We believe Alpha can help us achieve both of these goals.”

The MOU proposes a new entity called Ethos Real Assets (“ERA”) will be formed to acquire existing and future assets related to the development of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies across various industries. ERA will focus on developing the technology, incubating startups, and providing services, including advisory, engineering design, and business consulting. In addition, ERA will be issued with a 4,000,000 common share by the crest to create resources to support the creation of products and companies based on these technologies.

The company is delighted to announce that Jonas Lauren Norr has agreed to join the board of directors of the company Crest Resources. Mr. Norr is a veteran investor who has helped build great businesses. His experience includes being a founder of five companies, two of which have gone public. He also founded and managed Gravity Ranch Ventures; a venture capital firm focused on supporting the development of new technologies that solve global problems. In addition to his work with Gravity Ranch, Mr.Norr is a senior advisor to Space Fund and Peterson Real Assets, a member of the advisory board of Ethos Real Assets and Qmobility, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the country. Mr. Norr is also involved with firms such as Nexentrica and Qoo Energy.

1247814 BC Ltd., a private British Columbian corporation led by Emma Fairhurst, will get 16,000,055 shares. Subsequently, she will control 18,850,055 of the entire company, more information click here.