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A Look Into QNET’s Direct Selling Approach

Founded In 1998, QNET is a leading Hong-Kong-based e-commerce company that leverages direct selling to improve their clients’ lives. That allows them to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to end users and help clients make an income by selling them.

They have hundreds of products in different categories, including watches and jewelry, home and living, health, technology, education, and personal care. However, their vast product offering, and affordable prices have made many doubt their credibility.

However, QNET is not a scam because they have more offices in countries like Singapore and Germany. They also have certification from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which they would only get if the business was legit.

In addition to physical offices, they have a heavy presence in over 25 countries and have launched and completed numerous global CSR projects in various countries. They also have numerous international distribution hubs, making shipping products to global clients easier.

QNET’s expertise and experience in direct sales have made them one of the most reputable sources of guidance and education on the topic. According to them, it plays a massive role in the economy because it eliminates the middleman, which increases demand and lowers the prices for end-users. It also creates a robust B2B network, making it easier for businesses to operate in huge markets.

QNET also has three direct sales strategies that people venturing into it can apply.

  • Single-level marketing– Sellers operate alone, focusing on a small client base in a small geographical area. They rely primarily on clients’ positive feedback, referrals, plus word of mouth to expand their client base.
  • Party plan marketing– This is a good strategy for sellers to spread awareness about their products. They can host events or parties where they display their products or offer sample sizes for free.
  • Multi-level marketing– This is effective for sellers who want to cover large geographical areas. Instead of hiring help, they sponsor other sellers to market and sell their products. Those sellers can also bring other sellers, making it practical and affordable.

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