Yubo Launches In-App Safety Campaign and Partnerships with NGOs for Safer Internet Day 2023

Yubo, the social media platform for young people, marked Safer Internet Day 2023 by launching a new in-app safety campaign and partnerships with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The campaign aims to promote safer and more responsible platform use among Yubo’s users.

As part of the campaign, Yubo has introduced a range of new features and tools designed to enhance user safety. These include a real-time content moderation system, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and remove harmful content from the platform. The company has also introduced new reporting tools and user education resources to help users better understand how to stay safe online.

In addition to these measures, the company has partnered with several NGOs in online safety and digital literacy. These partnerships will enable Yubo to tap into these organizations’ expertise and work together to promote safer and more responsible use of the internet among young people.

The company’s CEO, Sacha Lazimi, emphasized the company’s commitment to online safety, stating that “we believe that everyone has the right to use the internet safely and responsibly, and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that Yubo is a safe and welcoming space for all of our users.”

Overall, Yubo’s new in-app safety campaign and partnerships with NGOs represent a significant step forward in promoting safer and more responsible use of social media among young people. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, companies like Yubo must prioritize user safety and work collaboratively with others to ensure a safe and positive online experience for all.