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Traveling With Tim Murawski

As a MedTech executive, Tim Murawski has displayed his diversified and competent proficiency. This has brought him success through a solid ability to pioneer several varying companies. For Tim Murawski, it is this same adroitness that he has shown through a far-reaching lifestyle outside of the workplace that includes numerous interests.

This is the type of attitude that can be trusted to provide good results in the office as well. One of these great passions of Tim Murawski is traveling throughout the magnificent globe. Three of his most revered destinations come to mind when he reflects back on a myriad of travel locations that he has visited before: Thailand, Indonesia, and New Zealand. For Tim Murawski, Thailand is a quintessential paradise destination.

Thailand attracts tourists from everywhere in order to experience its great economy, and all things from snooker to basketball. Indonesia is another must-see destination that has spotless beaches and expansive rainforests. Finally, Tim Murawski also says that all travelers should make it a point to eventually make a visit to New Zealand as well. 

The businessmentor and entrepreneur as a healthcare expert Tim Murawski holds dear this island nation that has everything to explore from pristine beaches to glaciers alike. It is his tight understanding of the line between work and play that has allowed him to exceed as a MedTech Exec while still having fun (Twitter). 

Some of the other dedications in Tim Murawksi´s lifestyle beyond just work include: Downhill Skiing, Sports Cars, Barefoot Water Skiing, Tennis, Fishing, and Real Estate/Sustainable home-living. Some of his best ideas may come while on vacation, and as an anonymous individual once said in the past: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”