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The Success of The Watford Club Under Gino Pozzo


Gino Pozzo was born in 1968 into a family of football enthusiasts. His father, Giampaolo Pozzo, has been the owner of Udinese Calcio since 1986. Gino Pozzo is a man with a clear vision and a passion for football. In 2013, he relocated to London to easily manage their newly acquired Watford Football Club. Gino has worked hard to make his dream of owning a successful football club a reality. His commitment and dedication to the sport are evident in the success of both Watford Club.

Brains of the FamilyGino Pozzo has always been big into sports, so it was no surprise when he took the lead on the family’s international expansion in sports ownership. In 2009, while living in Barcelona, he found and bought Granada F.C. This happened when Granada struggled to make ends meet and were €12m in debt. But, as they had done with Udinese, the club rose to the Primera Liga in just two years with Gino’s help.

Success at the Watford Football ClubIn 2012, the Pozzo family purchased Watford Football Club, a club with a lot of debt. Upon buying the club, Gino Pozzo made strategies within the first year to boost the club’s performance. Under Gino Pozzo’s leadership, Watford has enjoyed great success. The club has been promoted to the Premier League twice and has reached the FA Cup final. He has shown what it takes to build a successful football club. With his passion for the sport and his dedication to his clubs, there is no doubt that Gino Pozzo is a driving force in football.

Gino Pozzo is a very hands-on owner and has been instrumental in bringing several high-profile managers and players to the club. He commands respect in football, and his work at Watford shows he is a very successful owner. Refer to this page for additional information.


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