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The Power of IM Academy in Empowering Forex Enthusiasts with Interactive Education

IM Academy, founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, started as a small start-up with the vision of providing accessible Forex education through an online platform using a subscription model. The platform aimed to empower Forex enthusiasts with skills they could apply to their own trading. Over the years, IM has grown significantly and now boasts around 225,000 active subscribers.

Educational Products

IM learning modules offer informational videos and interactive goLive sessions, enabling students to apply the concepts learned to real-life trading situations. The academies cover topics such as Forex trading, High-Frequency Exchange (HFX), Digital Currency Exchange (DCX), and E-Commerce Exchange (ECX).

In addition to the core academics, IM provides optional add-on modules that delve deeper into specific topics for those who want to further their knowledge. These add-ons include strategies and apps that equip students with various market analysis tools and platforms.

Nature of Learning

Each academy is designed with pre-recorded video modules, quizzes, and unlimited access to interactive goLive sessions with IM Educators, offered in multiple languages and various time zones to accommodate diverse students. One of IM’s unique aspects is its remote working model for personnel, which allows them to focus on hiring top-quality talent without geographical restrictions. This model proved advantageous during the COVID-19 pandemic as the company could operate efficiently without interruption.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

IM Academy uses a multi-level marketing strategy, where independent sales representatives (IBOs) promote and sell the company’s products. IBOs can also build a sales team and earn commissions on their team’s sales. IM Academy supports IBOs with sales, training, and marketing materials.

Overall, IM Academy’s mission is to offer accessible and interactive Forex education, empowering traders to make informed decisions in the financial markets. As an educational platform, IM Academy does not provide investment advice or trading facilities and is not a registered broker. Refer to this article for related information.


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