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The Colcom Foundation Addresses the Dangers of Overpopulation

The Colcom Foundation was created in 1996 by Cordelia S. May, a woman who dedicated her life to protecting the future of humanity from slow-moving threats like overpopulation and ecological destruction. Though she passed in 2005, the foundation carries on her work to preserve our environment and ensure a bright future for generations to come.

Why Overpopulation is so Dangerous

The plant we live on has a finite number of resources. This includes basic needs such as food and water. This means that it cannot support an infinitely growing population. At present day, the Earth’s population is already placing a great strain on these resources.

More and more biodiversity is being lost as land is cleared for farming to support the growing human population. This loss of biodiversity is catastrophic for the food chain and will eventually cause a total collapse if left unchecked.

Topsoil and drinkable water are also being rapidly depleted as well. At the rate things are going, there will not be enough resources to meet the basic needs of humans let alone sustain the current level of civilization.

Pushing Back Against Overpopulation

The Colcom Foundation is doing everything it can to fight overpopulation. One of its main strategies is to spread education about birth control and encourage family planning. It wants to help people make intelligent decisions about having children rather than supporting the idea that people should have children for ideological reasons.

Another goal of the Colcom Foundation is to help the United States to reduce its population. In addition to the above-mentioned strategies, it advocates for intelligent immigration reform. This population reduction in the US will help to stabilize the ratio of old people to young and help reduce the overall ecological footprint of the country as well. Colcom hopes to accomplish this by 2040.

Colcom Foundation is among the primary sources of funding directed towards the United States anti-immigration movement. That funding helps organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the American Border Patrol, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and Numbers USA.

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