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Stitch Fix: Men´s Fashion Trends On The Rise

Stitch Fix brings you the latest trends in men’s fashion. This new year, take some of the latest looks seen on the runway during New York, Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Week and incorporate them into your style. This year, focus on patterns and happy colors.

Before we get into patterns and colors, let us take a look at fit. Clothes that fit make you feel your best. Look at your wardrobe to ensure that your clothes fit well. If you have a hard-to-fit body with broad shoulders or long arms, opt for a button-up that has some stretch to it, Stitch Fix fashion blog suggests. 

Verify which style of jeans fits your frame the best. Minimalism is out this year, and it’s time to focus on bright colors, interesting prints, and bold patterns. Stitch Fix encourages you to use striking colors like vivid blues and yellows to complement neutral colors. Fashion has gone full circle, and retro 90s fashions are back in style. 

Snapbacks, baseball caps, t-shirts, and sweaters with those 90s-style logos are gracing runways everywhere. Pair them with jeans and some vans to complete the outfit. Workleisure is the word for commuters who have to make their way to work each day (Beststocks). 

The clothes should be comfortable. If you work in a more casual work environment, choose polo shirts and lightweight chinos. For more professional work environments, choose an easygoing two-piece suit. Stitch Fix has brought you some of the latest trends straight from the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York. Don’t be afraid to change up your wardrobe.