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Steve Lesnard’s Work at The North Face

Steve Lesnard gave a keynote speech in 2021 for the CMO Digital Summit titled “How to Lead With Values and Purpose During the Pandemic.” The speech focused on how businesses could support the local community and market their products and services despite closures and obstacles. He is the CMO and global vice president of Product Creation for North Face.

The company strives to be the world’s leading maker of outdoor brands that help athletes climb and survive in extreme outdoor conditions. Many of their customers are athletes and those that love the outdoors. They want to see more people outdoors pushing their limits or boundaries. They design equipment to protect the athlete when performing in extreme conditions.

During the pandemic, they marketed their products to first responders and gave them a discount on the price. This marketing campaign spread, and now there are over 1 million first responders who have become customers. They have raised money for first responders as part of their marketing campaign. They raised $500,000 using non-profit organizations to help them achieve their goal.

In June 2020, they boycotted Facebook for one month by giving up Facebook and Instagram ads because African American athletes were being bullied. They also invested money in making their equipment available to minorities.  Steve Lesnard and North Face instituted a campaign to get outdoors and get interested in nature by exploring new sports and interests. They wanted to give customers a positive message for the future. These are some of the ways they marketed their products during the pandemic.

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